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December 10, 2017

Nickname: I guess my social media name is RunwithJoy.ce

Location: I’m living in Rijssen in the Netherlands, a small place in the east.

I run because…I just love it, it brings joy into my life. It makes me a better person, I can reflect better and make dreams in to plans. I like the feeling I get when I’m running, but also after my run! I also love to train for a certain goal or distance. It brings me a certain level of determination and the feeling when you reach that goal is indescribable.

AM or PM runner: I’m a PM runner, I mostly run in the afternoon because I am a social worker and have irregular working hours. I love to run during the sunset.

I run solo, with partner, pet or club: Most of the times I’m running solo, most of my running friends don’t live nearby. I see them during races or events. Sometimes my dog is running with me but when I’m training for a certain goal I’m running alone.

I run on trails, in my park, by the sea or in the city: I run in the forest, in the city and in the nature. I’m not living near the sea so that’s not an option. 

When running I wear: My Polar V800 to track my runs. I always bring my phone, for other apps I use whilst running. And of course my run angel! I always wear an Anita Active sports bra and in winter time I’m wearing long tights and a long sleeves.

Favourite tunes whilst running / training: It depends what kind of run is on my schedule. My schedule is based on my heart-rate and when I have a training in a lower heart-rate I love to listen music from Disney! When there is an interval training on the program I like to run on upbeat tones, hard style or dance music.

Favourite distance and why: my favourite distance is 10 km. I can do this in my faster pace and in my easy pace. It’s a nice distance to race and a good distance to train.

Favourite race event and why: I don’t have a favourite event, because every single event has its own qualities. The best memories I have is from the Marathon in Paris. It was my first and until now my only marathon challenge.

Favourite food: I like to cook and try out new recipes, I do not have a favourite dish. I love a healthy meal but also can enjoy a good burger and some fries.

Guilty pleasures: That is an easy one, it is chocolate which tastes even better after a long run with a good cup of coffee.

Favourite race fuel: Before a race I eat bread with peanut butter, it is easy to take with you to a race and its quick to make it at home. During the race it depends of the distance that I’m running. When I run longer than 45 minutes I will also take a gel during the race.

Running hero or athlete: I had the privilege a few years ago to meet Dafne Schippers and to train next to her. She is an inspiring women the commitment and her goal setting is contagious. It was a very special day and I have good memories about that day.

Favourite running or motivational quote: what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! I use several quotes on my social media account, I think that quotes are an inspiration. I have chosen this quote because if a run / training / race is going bad it doesn’t kill you, it can make you stronger and better because it’s a mental issue.

Favourite running book, guide or magazine: Runners World is my favourite magazine. I love this magazine it’s full of inspiration, tips and stories. I don’t have a favourite running book or guide.

Tip for newbie runners: Don’t forget why you started running, you have your own goal, make it happen! You will feel so proud when you have made it.

My running goals are: I want to run my second marathon next spring. I would love to run more abroad.

Why I wear my run angel: I run alone and most of the times I’m running in nature through the forest or outside the city and I usually don’t tell anyone where I am running except when I run abroad. run angel gives me that extra level of security whilst on my runs.

Follow me on Instagram:@runwithjoyce.ce

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