February 18, 2020

Run Angel announced today it has partnered with United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy (UESCA).

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with UESCA. We believe there should be no barriers to what you love doing most. Run Angel provides you and your loved ones with peace of mind encouraging you to get out there and enjoy life to the fullest. We support UESCA’s ethos of a program that ultimately promotes active participation in outdoor pursuits such as running or cycling through their positive and productive coaching relationships.” David Caren, Founder - Run Angel

“We are thrilled to partner with Run Angel, as there is nothing more important than personal safety. This is especially the case with distracted driving unfortunately being such a prevalent reality today,” said Rick Prince, founder of UESCA. ”As our coaches and athletes are out there on the roads and trails, having a safety device like Run Angel is a game changer. Additionally, as so many of our coaches and athletes participate in outdoor adventures, aside from sporting purposes, we couldn’t be more excited about this partnership!”

About United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy (UESCA)

UESCA is a leader in endurance sports education that offers comprehensive, evidence-based running and triathlon coaching certification programs that are based 100% online via a series of robust training modules. Certification content was developed through the review of the latest sports science research and by the UESCA team of advisors and contributors. To learn more about UESCA visit: https://coachendurancesports.com/ Avail of 25% off UESCA programs with ANGEL25

run angel™ is an innovative safety wrist wearable that emits a very loud siren from its patent pending acoustic chamber design to attract attention in an emergency, and connects with smartphone devices to send emergency alerts to loved ones by SMS & email, showing the date, time and location of the wearer.

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