run angel & wing set up

#1 download

download the free run angel app to your smartphone


#2 create

- create your profile

- add a mobile contact to validate your account*

- invite up to 3 loved ones to your safety network*

#3 connect

- charge your run angel / wing with the USB micro lead provided (see #5 below)

- power on your run angel / wing by holding down the small on/off button for 3 seconds (seen on the shoulder of your device)

- tap the connect button on the app

- tap the serial number to complete pairing**

#4 meet

- hold down small button for 2-3 secs to switch on / off

- press once on the centre button to activate alarm

- press once on the small on / off button to deactivate alarm

#5 charge

- hold down small button for 2-3 secs to switch off

- to remove sound unit: turn over, pull down on straps on your run angel or peel off the cover on your wing

- connect USB cable and insert into a power supplied USB port***

- re-insert unit by matching USB port with square on side of strap on your run angel or ensure on/off button on your wing matches up with the on/off button on cover

- snap unit into place ensuring snug fit around centre button

For more information please visit the FAQ

new users and invited guardians will receive an SMS to accept*

pairing window has lapsed or out of Bluetooth range. Power off your run angel™ / wing and follow the steps in connect**

Charging time may vary up to 3 hours depending on the power source***