run angel

  • 120dB loud siren 
  • Tuned hi-pitch frequency
  • One-touch activated
  • Pairs with smartphones to send location alerts
  • SOS LED beacon
  • Rechargeable
  • Lightweight & non-allergenic wrist strap

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Customer Reviews

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Debbie Walsh Atkins

run angel

Dog walker
Peace of mind

Purchased the run angel to wear while dog walking - for my safety and theirs as well, so many reports of dog kidnapping these days. I think the alarm will be a good deterrent. Haven't used the Guardian Angel facility as no one near me who I can use, but I feel much safer walking just wearing it. It's a brilliant idea, not well advertised though - sure more could be made of it. Understand after 12 (?) alarms, there is a need to purchase more? Not a problem, and hope never to use them, but something purchasers should be made more aware of. Embarrassing moment in the local garage after accidentally setting the alarm off, but not realising it was actually me until a good few minutes later after everyone checked their car alarms. It's certainly very loud!

Jane Boxall

I would recommend this as things are today the tracker on it very good

Peace of mind

Gave my daughter a Run Angel as she’s a runner, more for my peace of mind than hers, though I don’t think she always uses it when she runs! She says it was easy to set up, and it’s comfortable on her wrist. She (and I) hope that she never has to use it ...

Brent A.
Peace of mind for my daughter's safety cannot be overstated

My daughter walks her dog alone and recently had a car stop, passenger rolled down his window to talk. When she reversed course because of her strong intuition something was amiss, the driver put in in park and they both men opened their car daughter ran into a nearby building and the car eventually took off. Police were called. I started to do some online searches for personal protection devices and found run angel. She wears it every single time she goes out. Priceless.