December 13, 2021

Hi, I am Diana. I am 44, married to my best friend and running partner, a mom of two sons, and I work full-time as a Commodity Manager in the automotive industry. My job is pretty stationary so I really enjoy getting out to run early in the morning, before the world and the sun wake up. I find running helps me get my day started, and nothing can “hijack” my workout. In my spare time, I love spending time with my family, traveling, reading, and practicing yoga and really just experiencing life.

Location: Michigan, USA

I run because…it is a great way to stay active, feel healthy, and enjoy the outdoors. My runs really help start my mornings and the energy lasts throughout the day.

AM or PM runner: I run early mornings, before work.

I run solo, with partner, pet or club: Most often I run with my husband or by myself in the mornings.

I run on trails, in my park, by the sea or in the city: I will run just about anywhere but I prefer the park. It is quiet, and love to be surrounded by nature. I don’t have access normally to a sea, but I do love the ocean, and will take advantage whenever possible.

When running I wear: My running wardrobe really varies by season and in Michigan we experience them all. Summer is quite warm so typically I wear a tank top and shorts. When the weather gets colder I need to dress to stay warm. Usually, in the fall and winter months I wear tights and layers under a jacket.

Favourite tunes whilst running / training: I love all types of music but for running, I prefer upbeat pop hits and love music from the 80’s.

Favourite distance and why: Variety is the key word to describe my favourite distance. Some days I love hitting the track and working on speed intervals, other days I enjoy a long steady relaxing run where I can just take it all in and breath in the fresh air.

Favourite race event and why: My favourite race distance is 13.1 miles/21km. It is still challenging enough to train for but not as time consuming as a full marathon.

Favourite food: Almost anything Italian.

Guilty pleasures: An occasional beer, or even less occasionally, a large piece of red velvet cheesecake.

Favourite race fuel: Fuelling is honestly my biggest challenge. I have an aversion to mushy food textures so I experimented with different bars and beans. My go to race fuel has been Picky brand bars and Sport Beans.

Running hero or athlete: An athlete I really admire is Michael Phelps. His performance in the Beijing Olympics winning 8 gold medals in a single Olympic Games to break the record was really incredible.

Favourite running or motivational quote: “The more I run the more I love my body. Not because it’s perfect, far from it. But because with every mile, it’s proving to me that I am capable of more than I ever thought possible.” - unknown.

Favourite running book, guide or magazine: My favourite magazines are Runner's World and Women’s Running.

Tip for newbie runners: What I tell my friends when they just start out, is just keep going for a minute longer than you think you can. Or go just a little further to the next house, or stop sign. Your brain will quit before your body, so keep pushing yourself at each little interval and before you know it, you will hit a distance you didn’t think was possible.

My running goals are: My most immediate goal is to finish strong at the Chicago Marathon in October. It will be my second marathon so I know what to expect and I am really hoping to finish faster than my first.

Why I wear my run angel: I run early in the morning and most of the year it is dark. Therefore, if I am out alone, the Run Angel provides me the comfort of knowing that I can alert someone of my location or activate the siren with one easy press of the alarm button.

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