July 13, 2021

Introducing: Katie Cope

Location: Portland, Oregon

I run because…running is my happy place! When I run I am able to really dream, process, and put my thoughts into plans. I feel empowered as a runner and I am always reminded that I have a beautiful gift to be able to run easily and freely, while many people are unable to run. Running is also very special to me because it is something I grew up doing with my family. I watched my Mom and Dad run and race as a child and when I have a family someday, I want to share that with my kids.

AM or PM runner: Both! I love to run first thing in the morning but also enjoy decompressing from a long day with a run.

I run solo, with partner, pet or club: Most days I run with my boyfriend and occasionally on my short runs, I take my pug, Olive. A few days a week I run with a training group or friend and absolutely love getting the social time to chat. Conversation flows so naturally while running and I enjoy getting the chance to bond over a love of running.

I run on trails, in my park, by the sea or in the city: Mixing up the location of my runs helps me stay motivated and I really enjoy a variety of scenery while running. On Saturdays, I do my long runs downtown Portland, on the waterfront with my training group. When I am able to sneak off to the beach, where my family lives, I run around the small town where I grew up running cross country and track and have the opportunity to enjoy the fresh ocean air. My daily runs before or after work are in the neighbourhoods around my home and I try to get onto a trail nearby to mix up the running surface as often as possible.

When running I wear: My run angel, my Garmin Forerunner, and I always carry my cell phone. I love wearing motivational temporary running tattoos during races to keep me strong and focused.

Favourite tunes whilst running / training: When I listen to music, I enjoy upbeat tunes that get me pumped up to run- no slow stuff allowed around here! I also love to listen to podcasts about running; Run to the Top, C Tolle Run, Ali on the Run Show, and I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein.

Favourite distance and why: I am currently training for my first marathon, the Portland Marathon, in October. I love the feeling of running long distances and the accomplishment that comes with hitting a new mileage. My favourite distance is a long Saturday run between 10-15 miles or a tempo 5 mile run where I leave it all out on the road.

Favourite race event and why: My favourite race event is the Eugene Half Marathon. Eugene, Oregon is known as Track Town USA and it is a very special place for runners. I attended the University of Oregon, in Eugene for my undergraduate degree and grew up attending track meets there with my family. Racing in Eugene was special in that I have a lot of good memories there, the race was very well organized, and I ran my PR for my half marathon.

Favourite food: I love food and it is pretty hard for me to pick a single favourite! I would say my favourite pre-long run or race food is salmon and potatoes and veggies. My favourite post-long run or race food is pizza. I also love coffee and a good bagel and cream cheese after a long morning run.

Guilty pleasures: Lounging in comfy clothes and binge watching Netflix.

Favourite race fuel: Before racing I enjoy a cup of coffee and toast with peanut butter and banana. During my race I will have Cliff Shot Blocks or Gels.

Running hero or athlete: I have so many running heroes, but I got to meet Shalane Flanagan at a track meet and she was so sweet and happy to chat with her fans; she graciously took photos with us. That was pretty cool!

Favourite running or motivational quote: I love running quotes and rely on them during races a lot. My very favourite word to have on my wrist in a race is Fearless. My favourite quote is: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13.

Favourite running book, guide or magazine: I love the books Bowerman and the Men of Oregon, and Born to Run. Runner’s World is my favourite running magazine.

Tip for newbie runners: Go to your local running store and ask about group runs. Join a group run and meet as many people as you can. Running friends are the best friends and it is easier to stick with running when you have accountability.

My running goals are: My biggest running goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I would also love to run all the big races: New York Marathon, Chicago Marathon, and London Marathon.

Why I wear my run angel: While running alone, I have encountered a few scary situations and running early in the morning can make a person more vulnerable. With my Run Angel, I have a tool that gives me peace of mind and empowers me to be confident and strong.

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