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September 19, 2017

Nickname: Coach Suzi

Location: Dublin (but I travel across Ireland with my job!)

What running means to me… Ok, so I will be honest and say I am a casual runner who runs more for the mental benefits than the physical! If I could have my pick of an hours cardio to complete I’d opt for dancing every time, LOL. I find it hard to switch off my busy brain so I run. I run because I enjoy the peace, the solitude and the chance to be mindful and just appreciate my surroundings.

I run solo, with partner, pet or club: Solo – always solo!

I run on trails, in my park, by the sea or in the city: In the city mainly but by the sea when possible.

When running I wear: Cropped leggings, training vest, light jacket (winter) and Skecher Go Run trainers, my Misfit tracker…. (and my run angel!!)

Favourite tunes whilst running / training: Weird I know but an old G4 album because I struggle with maintaining my pace and this classical style slows me down!!

Favourite distance and why: 5k – I’m not hard core! I like speed so anything much past 10k becomes too challenging while I work on improving my pace.

Favourite race event and why: Irish Cancer Society Colour Run. First and foremost it’s for a great cause. Secondly, you get a different colour powdered paint thrown over you at every kilometre with each colour representing a different type of cancer. Its so much fun and the paint throwing at the end of each kilometre breaks it up and make’s it an easier run.

Favourite food: Sashimi and Sushi (but am known to enjoy a good Chinese curry too!)

Guilty pleasures: A full bodied red wine and a cheese board.

Favourite race fuel: Porridge loaded up with seeds, nuts and nut butter.

Running hero or athlete: Steve Prefontaine

Favourite running or motivational quote: “Nothing truly great ever came from a comfort zone” – my motto in life.

Favourite running book, guide or magazine: Irish Runner

Tip for newbie runners: Get out of your head and just enjoy the experience. Run, walk, run walk and so on until you can build up to running non-stop for a distance.

My running goals are: To do it more and enjoy the process.

Why I wear my run angel: As I mentioned I run to find calm and peace. Sadly though the places of most beauty and peace are often also more remote and being quite security conscious this is a turn off for me so I opt for more populated areas. My Run Angel has given me the confidence to enjoy my surroundings and enjoy my run, wherever and whenever the mood takes me!

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